About Us


Nesyer engaged ecosystem of supplier, local designer, EMS to provide solid  product, and Nesyer is a home of an ecosystem

“We” Mission

The ecosystem will provide WORLD CLASS PRODUCT

Our Expertise

Get right channel for you to get direct technical support from semiconductor factory

Choose the right and latest generation components to suit project needs and customer expectations

Calculate and predict product life and performance in advance

Our Journey

2017 – 2019

  • PCBA street light solar system
  • PCBA Lora node, smart home : switch on off, gateway and remote control
  • PCBA high-end LED downlight
  • PCBA tapping box


  • IoT module using TI chipset
  • PCBA of street light module


  • PCBA LTSHE (ultra energy-efficient) LED light

2006 – 2008

  • Engaged with Avnet Electronic Marketing Representative Office in Indonesia
  • PCBA induction street lamps and HB

2000 – 2002

  • Supplied quality component to local manufacturers
  • Built PCBA for clients

It is not difficult to design electronics, but to make them excellent products, it requires extensive experience in design and EMS-handling and the support of a trusted company – which is Nesyer.


Ir. Heryadi Kumara

founder of PT Nesyer Electronic

Ir. Heryadi Kumara founded PT Nesyer Electronic in 2001, he understood that nature of business of components is not just interaction seller and buyer, but understanding each other partnership, and both have same philosophy that good quality and reliable products will win over the market.

Upon graduating in electronic engineering from Maranatha University in Bandung, he started his career as sales manager in a Singapore-owned electronic component company. During his 6-years career in this field, he learned the importance of understanding local business culture, helping customers to do design and skill of selecting the right components to suit the customers’ requirements.

Hence, since the early days of PT Nesyer Electronic, Ir. Heryadi have been strengthening the foundation of his company by establishing a wide network of suppliers in order to find the right components consistently.

His sharp analysis and keen intuition, supported by decades of experience enables him to design and select the right components that can both fulfill the project needs and resolve on-site challenges.

The quality produced in every project has earned him trust from state-owned enterprises and renowned companies in Indonesia.