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Voice Echo
Manufacturer : Holtek
Description : General Description
The HT8970 is an echo/surround effect processor.
It is designed for various audio systems including
karaoke, television, sound equipments, etc. The
chip consists of a built-in pre-amplifier, VCO or
Voltage Control OSC, 20Kb SRAM, A/D and D/A
converters as well as delay time control logic.
Its built-in 20Kb SRAM can generate delay
time effect and can control the delay time value
through the external VCO resistor.
The VCO circuit can reduce external components
and make it easy to adjust the delay time.

* Operating voltage: 4.5V~5.5V
* ADM algorithm
* Low noise
* Echo mode:-85dB
* Surround mode:-90dB
* Low distortion rate
* Echo mode: 1%
* Surround mode: 0.2%
* Built-in 20Kb SRAM
* Automatic reset function
* Package type: 16-pin DIP/SOP

* Television
* Karaoke systems
* Video disc player
* Sound equipments
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